Consumer Alert

Consumer Alert

Certain aligner companies have developed a business model in which they target their consumers (patients) directly. They advertise aggressively on internet, search engines, social media, and TV. They also lure their customers with supposedly low prices and quick results.
In order to receive the aligners, the patient has to go to a “partner practice” only once, where their teeth will be scanned. According to patient testimonials, this scan is performed by a staff member. No X-rays will be taken during this appointment, nor will your teeth, gums or jaw joint be examined by a dentist or orthodontist. However, the results of such examinations would provide an important basis for planning your teeth movements.

After the scan appointment in the partner practice, the potential patients are urged with emails and calls to agree to the treatment plan.

The preparation of a treatment plan without a comprehensive diagnosis represents a fall below the standard and can lead to damage to the masticatory organ. Most patients are not aware of this fact!

If there are problems during or after the treatment, the customer service of these companies is usually difficult to reach. In such cases, the partner practice is not responsible either, since the contract was concluded directly between the company and the patient!

After failed treatment by an online provider, many patients have already had to have a completely new therapy carried out by a real specialist, a dentist or orthodontist, and thus suffered not only a health damage, but also a financial damage, as well!

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